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Bust A Cap Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Bust A Cap Lyrics


[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
My wall it is a pantry and my gun safe is my bedroom
To end you I just have to pop my clip and proceed to behead you
Nothin but lead is on the menu mane buts what’s to blame
Other than the actions of a braggadocios lemon lame
I’m Boss Hogg in the game
I’ll rob you for everything
This 9 I’ll go straight through yo skull and disintegrate your brain
cause I don’t eat if I don’t gain
I bring the pain every time that I make a stang
I gotta let the bullets rain and pound in yo head like some thunder mane
I’m reaching for my mask and you know that in full of funk
I gotta catch you in a dim lit street and let me bullets run a train


[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
I’ve resurrected the spirit of Clinton Brady
so I know you fear the fact that he communicates through ouija boards and fog on the mirror
I got this hatred in my soul and murder is my job
and I can feel his presence coming on stronger every time I rock
I have no love and so this 9 is what gets my devotion
For me animosity is more of a God
And less of an emotion
I am the basket case familiar with the duckin' chase
Talking shit I load my clip and shoot you in the fucking face

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