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Juggalo Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Juggalo Lyrics

[Verse 1]
What's the sco
Where you tryna go before we light this dope
I baptize my brain in a cloudy fog of smoke
The harshest smoke you ever felt in your throat
To each his own but I hit the dope
Two grams and I slams it in like habib show
R O Double Z with Chester Cheeto in an IROC-Z fulla weed smoke
From the west coast to the east coast
Gotta gotta get my money money money money money money all I fiend fo'
I get it then I need mo'
Bring it back to me ho
On the patio of the bistro
Then I'm back to the suicide city where the sun never shine on me at least though
I'ma pale boy and I burn quick
And I quickly get to my business
My blunts all get they guts scooped out and then they all become burn victims

Wake up little Juggalo
You can have it all (juggalo)
Time to give it to em'
Never let the world get you down [x2]
Swing Swing (x10)

[Verse 2]
One fork up
One down
Let me drip down
Flipping sideways
I stays wicked and death bound
Dylan coming through smoking true by the motherfucking zip kush in my breath cloud
Swing a hatchet down with the force unlike any other and decapitate your body from the neck down
R O open up the Force Flex once mo'
Chop you up and fit you in it
Triple bag it then I throw it
Over the overpass and watch it hit the ground and cause a hundred car pile up
Cause a bag of human guts just got splattered all over the highway
Goodbye hater
I roll up a blunt and get back to my paper
Welcome to the mind of a young rida
From the murder Midwest obsessed with blood spraying
My violence is infinite
Kicking the wicked shit
Stick around if you wanna see how wicked it get
How sick can I get
I can kill a person with my bare hands mummify it and get rid of it

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