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Sherilyn Fentanyl Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Sherilyn Fentanyl Lyrics

(water splashing)
(There is a God in you)

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
Underneath the under water waterfall with you
Spring in 96; Fall of 92
All I want is you but if you have to go away
I'll find my constellation in distractions through the day
You look up at me with only the most beautiful gaze
I kiss you on the forehead cause I don't know what to say
I worship with my hands as I revel in how you taste
My biggest fear is that I will be someone that you hate
The first time that I saw you ever I was in a daze
I leaned against the wall sippin' tea watching you sway
I saw you as a huntress I did not see you as prey
All I had to do was pray that you would not move out the way
I want you to remain all up in my personal space
And whisk away layers of Jungle Queen of time and space
Eternal sunshine of none of my memories erased
I bite you hard with fangs and kiss you deeper than the bass

[Verse 2: Bones]
I'm ridin' shotgun with the weapon on my waist
Step in my direction
Catch a metal to ya brains
That blade to ya face; dontchu try and run away
Tell me that you should a loved my like you used to always say
Never had trust, got no love in my veins
Rip my heart and throw it on the ground
Replace it with the bass
I'm dopin' when it boom
Bitch I hope I see you soon
All alone, Nowhere to run flying high on my broom
I'm dropping from the heavens just to speak and make some money
Yes I've made a little but I've yet to feel the comfort
I'm aiming up for nothing
Got my eyes shutted I'm buggin' bugs
Insects crawling on my skin while I'm stuntin' through the yard
With the stone in the crips in the bones
Just know you ain't alone
I said no you ain't alone uh
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