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Dreamscape Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Dreamscape Lyrics

Strong arm with the baking soda
Posted up with the jungle princess in a jade pagoda
Take the boat up coast to make the quota
And make the drop off at a jack with one eye, and then get high
Never get high on my supply, but I'm never low on my supply
Buckin like a 9 millimeter guy
I look off to the right, I look off to the left
Animal like as I beat on my chest
I do not have to prove anything to anybody, the mystical buddha I bless
Boom like a [?] and make up his mess, and get the spatter on the [?] dress
Haven't even been underneath it yet, and it isn't even the evening yet
But yet you're in another evening gown, I haven't even seen it yet
I got hella sexy vampirella's who got tree connects
Arm out the window of the century just hanging
Bumpin Castle of Depression, flickin' ashes on the pavement
Handsome with the words of wisdom, passed down from the ancients
Dead boy with no beat in the heart underneath the blanket

Come and take a smooth ride, I'll do my dreamscape and get lost [x4]
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