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The Folds Of The Cunt Of God Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – The Folds Of The Cunt Of God Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
If you wanna test my G
find me on the other side
Many have tried but Rozz remains
I don't wanna go anywhere
I just wanna stay right here, with you near
Nestled safely inside the folds of the cunt of God

[Fades out & Fades in]

[Verse 2: Rozz Dyliams]
You wanted a new situation for all the frustration you'd rather be dead
You wanted the validation of your savior but you were the savior instead
You reach up as high as you can at the heavens and wonder when you will get home
The more that I travel inside of my mind and let it unravel the less I feel alone
Zagging like a bone and bucking harder than a tone
I get immortal when I'm in the zone and I'll never be gone
R O Double Z I got no company beside me only reason that I execute it I'll never be wrong
Look at everything in the world all around me got me sick to my stomach and so I'm home bound for the most
Put my etches on the ground and make a toast
then I'll never leave because I was already a ghost
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