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Little Esther Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Little Esther Lyrics

I walked into your room and saw the note that you laid on the bedspread
I opened it up and tried to read it, but couldn't make it out
Cause what my head said
I had a million questions all running through my head
Got me stressing, just like a test result
If it was it, then you bit it, you did it
You truly deserve it
Decided to end it all
Had to set it off, got so much weight on my chest
That i finally decided to get it off
If i had a million wishes, i wish that you're here everyday
Just to say that you're pitiful
Pathetic, pathetic, beautiful, beautiful
Baby that made me go crazy and stupid though
Dead to me, dead as long as you pretend to be
Deader than the main event of a funeral
In the event of a mental breaking point, if you can see it
Dont hesitate to pull the rope, and pull it close as you need
If you need to go anywhere other than home, without leaving home
All you gone leave behind is a state of emergency
But heres the thing though
You won't even know
Until its too late, if you did it and it isn't late
It was fate, you lil stupid hoe
I just feel so embarrassed for the fact
I bought you a present you wanted, the night before
I decided to hide it inside of a box of an item
I found in the dining hall
Ever since you went away the sky has become
A shade of grey i dont even like at all
Give me some privacy when i decide to go through with it and do it
Then can i ride witcha
You had an unhealthy obsession with, most of all, your material possessions
I never did get it, i would if you didn't have shit
But the thing is, you always had everything
If you meant anything you said, then wouldn't it only make sense
If you never said anything
I can process the concept of grief, but the process of pressure
Is the one that's pressing me
Testing me, testing me, taking a testament down of my destiny
Dylan gets more self-destructive every single second
He doesn't get out what he put in, thats how it is generally
Anyway, yesterday morning i decided
To let my bitterness burn, and resentment fade
Even though i will outlive you
I cannot forgive you
I love you with all my heart
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