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Damp Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Damp Lyrics

Gang bang gang bang porno freak
Who's sucking (?) for weeks
Clean sheets in every suite in my mansion full of freaks
Brain is gone insane from nipples, labias and asscheeks
Next thing you get scraped out to your all time favorite Dylan beat
Tongue ring, Pigtails
What's your daily life entail
Used up entrails and dirt under your fingernails
Fresh meat
Fresh bloody fresh from a fresh kill
Join my family if you ready hoe that neden isn't stale
Noble concubines for the prophet Dylan ten on one
Submerged in a vat of cum
Drowning in the setting sun
Let me show you a magic trick
Night gown to the ground flip you around put your face in the ground and fuck you like your Daddy did

Can you do it can ya butterfly
Can ya bounce
Can ya sweat
Can ya get wet soon as I step on to the fucking set
Gotta fever, fever pitching
Pitching game that'll get you ready
I gets wicked with this dick up in my hand you look so pretty
Put your hands on it
Put your mouth on it
Put your stamp on it
Let me watch your hands slowly wrap around on it
Let me watch as your panties damping in the crotch
Dylan been soaking and simmering deep in game for maybe way too much

Open wide
I'm about to go inside
I got infinite freaks who spread they cheeks and let me dig inside
Dig it out
What's the freshest lout let me slide
What's your pleasure
I'm your pleasure maker pull em to the side
I know you think about fucking me every night and every second of every day
But that's ok baby that's alright
Call me Dylan Dynamite with an evil endless appetite
For anything up in my sight I wish to catch and skin alive
I'll get you higher
Play the puppet master as I pull your strings and make you do any fucked up thing that I desire
Cause that's just how I am
I'll euthanize a puppy if it so much as think about nipping at the masters hand
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