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Jump Off A Cliff Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Jump Off A Cliff Lyrics

Reporting live from a murky lagoon
With feelings of animosity and embarrassment
Feeling ashamed and angry and the above mentioned multiplied

[Verse 1]
I will make shit happen
I will make shit work
I will do all that
I have do even if its doing dirt
Cause i spend to much time to sit around and feel hurt
And its too precious to only sit around and feel worse
But like most people
I can't ignore it
Can't control it
But if I could afford it
Than i would roll it
Holla if you holdin'
I got more secrets than Jeffrey Dahmer and
The series of events that happened right before the death of Laura Palmer
Romantic somber when I sauntered with a collection of transgressions
That weigh me down cause its monstrous
You want a longer list
Then i can jot it down and
Drop it down with any other confession from out the rotted crown
Of me
And I am haunted by the sound of bees
And jealous of how they sting
Their way to anywhere they need to be
Honey please, I got the fuel it takes to burn the house of leaves
And when I'm done
(Go take a jump off a cliff)

[Hook x2]
Go take a jump off a cliff (x3)
Way down there and I'll meet you at the bottom somewhere

[Verse 2]
I say whats on my mind and if there's nothing on it
I will fill the void and continue to complain like a little boy
Because i never grew up but always had to deal with this
Asperger's and ADD shit I'm just being real with this
I'm real vicious on any naysayers who oppose
And wear woman's clothes
And just seem to get gayer with the flows
But i write shit with precise quickness
I'm on that slight dimwit idiot savant rapper type shiznit
So I don't like to go outside much
I like dimness
But I'm out at 3 to make the yip flip like gymnasts
I open up all the cupboards in the house
And yell at the top of my lungs for the Indians to get out
That I woke up choked up
Teared up
Toked up
And my tear ducts were swolled up with old dust I post up
Geared up
No love
And honestly I never caught the drift
(Go take a jump off a cliff)

[Hook x2]
Go take a jump off a cliff (x3)
Way down there and I'll meet you at the bottom somewhere
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