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Hologram Glock Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Hologram Glock Lyrics

[Hook: Dylan Ross]
Bitches lay it down
Bitches lay it down
Bitches lay, Bitches lay, Bitches, Bitches lay it down [x5]

[Verse 1: Bones]
Lay it down on the ground if ya talkin' bout me
It's that Cadillac swervin' backwood burnin' skinny white playing P
Imma kill em, Imma grill em
Put em' in the grave and get the shovel
Burn me alive
Sleep in the rubble
Hang with gorillas I live in the jungle
10 toes down like Barney Rubble
Step too close imma burst yo bubble
Running that mouth and you gon' get trouble
So many bitches but Bones don't love em
They say cuff em, They say buck em
Throw em' in the trunk and fucking lock em
Mask on my face like a fucking doctor
Long ass hair like a fucking rocker
Never gon' stop me
Never gon' top me
Be out the window Roddy Shotty
So homebody, ain't nobody fucking with me when it come to rhyming
Come to styling, Come to flowin' bitch I'm locked and fucking loaded
Bitch you know this I'm the man
Step on the scene with the blade on my hand
Young Charles Manson, they think I'm god
Body my feet when I'm coming around
Turn yo water to Hennessy
Turn yo man to my enemy
All these diamonds, All this ice
Bitch I look like Vanilla Ice but twice as nice
And triple the steez
Young Conway with the dripped out beat


[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
I'm flexing a Motorola pager
Dripped Out Jesus I'm that savior
Pulling out bangers I put you in danger
Right into obituary in the paper
Saw me earlier in the day thought I was just another stranger
Little did you know that later I'd be the one to fucking yank ya
Now I'm swangin' lane to lane in a candy coded Chevy Blazer
I'm bout pulling a mask up over my skull and balling through in a caper
Like JGRXXN I'm about that paper
Shooting sharper than a razor
Living life like It's the 90s and It's 1998 trick
Masquerades I'm 26 this Aryan skin up on my framework
Keeping that honey by my side yeah that's my little [?] iager
I'm on
The creek
I'm creeping up to yo street
Got a blunt off in my hand wood but it's comin for two less heat
Got the beat with the liq-weed
Mang, whats the deeds
If I beast fool then I'm under earth I leave this place deceased
In the hallways and the cuts
In the crevice and the crease
If you make a wrong move then watch my murder rate increase

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