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Gold Silk Duvet Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Gold Silk Duvet Lyrics

Oh yeah! Nowison
Handzum Handzum Handzum

[Verse 1]
Imma take you to the mansion
Put ya on set
Have you wakin' up tomorra' wonderin' what happened
But I ain't drug ya
I just love ya
Down to the floor if ya wonderin' the orgin of the rug burn
A real pimp like it on top of the covers
Gold Silk Duvet look like honey mustard
Leave you flustered
Wonderin' what time it is
Walk down the spiral staircase to the room that I am in
I'm in the kitchen
French pressin' and frying grits
Give your forehead, your lips and eyelids a kiss
Lookin' fine in one of my button ups
You fine as shit
And you're so delicious I don't even need wine with this
Let's step out on the patio to feel the island mist
And sometimes I feel like my life is on Vicodins
I can tell from your body language that you vibe with this
Acting like I put a spell on you like I'm some kinda witch

You always knew just what I wanted to do
But now it's 86' and I'm feeling brand new
Feeling brand new [x2]
(Johanna...Johanna...Wake up Johanna...
I'm out here with the gosh darn junebugs...Johanna..
..forget you......forget you Johanna
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