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Gigas Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Gigas Lyrics

Codex tall tale
Telling of a myth
Linguistic Abiff
Moralistic shift
Death to the gold maker
Gold makes the brick
Break the seraphina with my hand around my dick
Step inside my dungeon let me show yo ass a trick
The legend
The man
The pen is in my hand
The hand that sunk into the shit
The one that wrote the script
The scripture that you cut and somehow flipped into the mix
The wind that whipped the niqab off your head and then it rip
The senseless suicide you feel inside but can't omit
Emissions of anxiety that won't ever demit
Sages through the ages showed me what I wanna get
Scribe going live coming live from the pits
The dragon in the mist
He who zag out like a witch
The circle that you scratched and in the center you will sit
The illusion you saw when you saw me ball up my fist
"Has this an illusion?" Yes it has you will get hit
Psycho-mystic tendencies I been had lost my grip
Got a portal in my closet that goes straight to the abyss
Under the floor inside the one who was my only ever wish
Under my skin I feel the message when I concentrate on it
KGP told me to do it let your conscious be your compass
If it take you to the church then aim the missile at that bitch
If it get your ass the chair then strap yourself in like a man
Look at the executioner and tell him "flip the fucking switch"
I got hatred in my heart your ghetto pass just got revoked
You cough up blood until you choke and now your breathing don't exist
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