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Blast Beat Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Blast Beat Lyrics

The police officer told me to come over and look
He said you won't believe what was what was in this house
He said everything would have blew up

Shoot like Rainbow Six
Aiming, never miss
Kickback hard enough to break your fucking wrist
Whippin' like a Dominatrix, yeah I whip the wrist
Blood sport on the court, shoot with no assist
Born with so much hatred
Baby D was born pissed
I don't know no better I was raging off the rip
Beat you with my fist, till my hands break
Then I'm back to Joseph Hall Dylan in the tower with the stick
Joseph Paul Franklin, they 'bout to start a race war
As-salamu alaykum, gun to head, now what you thankful for?
House with no windows like kingdom hall
Why is y'all trynna test my pimping?
Imma have to euthanize y'all
Splat the guts and brains up on the steps and get the lysol
Booming and I'm zooming through remains with a miter saw
I done saw them hoes up out the corner of my eye, y'all
Ay ay ay, Imma have to come and find y'all

Why everybody wanna test my pimpin' these days?
And test my gangsterism?
I was born with hatred in my blood so I gotta pull them tools up out the safe, click the safety off and go and get em'
From the moment I wake up to the moment I hit the sack, jack
It's nothing but violence on my mind, having vision of letting the missile rip through a silly buster bitches lip and watching a bullet exit outta spine

Shoot like Mark Morrison, it's the Return Of The Mack
Bitch I'm back and I'm back with plenty mortem clips
Hit you with that thang with the drum
Make it to a fucking Blast beat, blast beat
Beating up your organs, bitch [2x]
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