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Babysweetness Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Babysweetness Lyrics

[Verse 1]
That alien hominid
Dylan just kick it smoking that indica dominant
Busting the baggage open permeate the house with the scent of magic devotion
That jungle jungle boy make you bounce with the force of motion
Get it goin' goin' till I get it where the fuck I want it
Hit the blunt and pass it to the spirits in the dungeon
Mayne I'm on some other shit
I'm slipping into some of this subatomic miss sadism
Through the subs I get my kicks in
Get it Get it Dylan gets it
To a rolling boil and back down again to this December
Double Z just do it better
Better than anybody that you have ever witnessed
With the subtle letters hitting every keynote in my series elections

[Hook 1]
Baby, it's the sweetness
So sweet so sweet so sweet
It's the sweetness

[Verse 2]
Every passing moment under pressure building up until its fatal
Or until I release a dripping trail of pleasure
Guided missiles RPGS of love
Ease on up, ease on back
R O Double pure seduction
Ain't no one gon' interrupt
Pleasure pool body heat, far breath mirror break
Make you scream and feel you shake, how much can you really take
Make you feel like your on acid with this love
Reaching from the heavens with the hand of God to pick you up
Unhook it and rearrange it and rip rip, rip it up
Hit it even harder than my tape be making your system bump
Dylan give her shiver quiver in-between the kidneys and right by the liver
I deliver self-destruction button hitter

[Hook 2]
Make you lie down by my feet
Make you never ask a question
Make you never feel pain
Make you only feel the tension
Lead the lamb to the water
Lead the water to the Canyon
Less' it be a true star of affection


[Hook 1]

Baby Sweetness [x4]
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