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A Series Of Unfortunate Events Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – A Series Of Unfortunate Events Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm staying late with no warning in advance
I just wanna hold the world in my hands
Scheming, Contemplating, Formulating plans
From the corner of the room, I watched her sway and dance
Back and forth and To and Fro with Guinness in my glass
Coming out the goddamn house of drip equipped with masks
All I have is my blood and my word to last
Steady swinging from my ceiling til' the rope snaps
What's the damn haps
Ross will break them off like that
Straight up out the land of evil and we smoking sacks
Smoking back to back in the cherry blossom garden
Roaming through the forest, in the rawest honey tartan
My feets are all bruised and scarred up

Dropping death from above ho, I have no love
Posted up in the bathroom with a toaster in the tub
Blooming like a mushroom cap
Boomin' like a sub
No matter what I do, I always gotta keep it buck
Solitaire salamander slipping in the cut
Living like 1886 with the windows shut
As I take a hard pull off the mystic endo junt
I walk to the edge and close my eyes and take the biggest jump
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