She keeps her hopes high
Says I should stay for awhile
While I'm here tongue tied
Wishing she'd open her eyes
And if she knew
She was my missing piece
She'd stay close
To make sure I never fell apart

I hope that you need me
Say that you need this
As much as I do

So if I ever
Slip up and fall through the cracks
She'll pick me right back up
I swear I won't let you go

Trust me now I was scared
I've let my guard down before
But you're not like the rest
You've cancelled out my past

You know that I need you
Tell me you need this
As bad as I do

She makes me lose control
I'll give my best just give me your all
Just say forever
And I swear I wont let you go

I've been making plans
Since the moment I met you
I want this for the rest
For the rest of my life
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Won't Let Go Lyrics

Like You To Me – Won't Let Go Lyrics