And I see you've got bigger plans
Then a kiss or a one night stand
Just lead me on and try me out
Like you planned

I found a void in the safe house
Revise the guidelines
Don't forget to leave me out
Tangle your words if it saves face in this mess
And trust me I know
That he's all that you thought about from the get go
There was no second chance
Or a passing glance
How did we ever call this a romance
Is this the price I pay
For losing sleep over such a waste

I'm sure you've changed
Just like you said you did before
You're only stressed
Cause you can't measure up to her
I'll fall asleep
Like this never happened
Like it's not breaking my heart
Like you didn't completely let me down

And I can't say we worked this out
I'm putting together a shred of doubt
Go do your worst but try your best
And go back to him
It just shows that you're desperate

You're so fucking desperate
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Sofa King Desperate Lyrics

Like You To Me – Sofa King Desperate Lyrics