Take time
To take this back
Poison my memories
And face the facts that
You always get the best of me
Pushing us away
Never gaining what you need
Lay it out warm up your cold shoulder
In case you didn't realize
We're both growing older
I put myself on the line
Giving you another chance
That you'll blow in due time

Call me when you'll say you're sorry
The things that I lack
Balance what always haunts me
Call me when you'll say this sober
I'm best known for forgiveness
But tonight is strictly business

If I stayed that night
Would you still mean what you said
With that look in your eyes
Forget those nights
We said our long goodbyes
Swearing that we were meant to be
Yet sneaking away
So desperately
Compassion and heart attacks
Took me from the best four years
I've ever had

And all this time I thought
That I knew who you were
Well I learned my lesson
So it's time you find an exit

I always think about
The last time
That I saw your eyes
Steady avoiding any conflict
That's embedded in your mind
You kept your secrets
While I kept my word
It's best that we both say
It's over
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Strictly Business Lyrics

Like You To Me – Strictly Business Lyrics