So how could you expect me
To turn a harlot to a housewife
We'll lie and say it's alright
Covering up the truth
Just like you always do
It's no surprise that you got caught

And every word she said
Was still stuck in my head
I just can't let this go
When all the rest
Knew the truth

I've got my reasons
Why I'm wrapped up so tight
And I can't sleep at night
But you expect me
To be here waiting
You're not worth waiting for

You go heavy on the heart
But stay easy on the eyes
I'm still stuck on midwest goodbyes
You put me right where you wanted
Now I'm back where I started
Save your breath to save my life

I know you're loving this attention
It's laughable you're a joke
There's no question
I wish you had more discretion
It's time you stop wasting time
And start learning your lesson
Class is in session
So stop being absent
Class is in session
So pay attention

I'll take what's best for me
And you can keep the rest of me
She's stuck in my past
And that's where she'll stay
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Back Where I Started Lyrics

Like You To Me – Back Where I Started Lyrics