I don't need to remember
I could never forget
The way that you caught my eye
For the very first time
It's just the way that your hand
Laces right into mine
Shows me the reality
That you belong next to me

I made my moves
And I made my mistakes
She made a mess of me
So you could find the best in me

I looked for you my whole life
So you could catch my full attention
Like a deer caught in the head lights

As long as I can remember
I have been let down
Spent my time walking backwards
Always ending up
Back on the ground
I always let myself
Become too familiar
With the fear of failure

Now you need to say this back
Cause I can't take another lonely night
Say anything to ease my mind

Lets just forget this world
That keeps our shoulders heavy
Lets just run away

This whirlwind caught me off guard
In the right place at the right time
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Whirlwind Lyrics

Like You To Me – Whirlwind Lyrics