Let's start the fire
Burn this town
I settled in on selling you out
I gave you all I could possibly give
Throwing my fists at the wind
Watch as my conscience caves in
I never like to admit how you
Tore me to pieces
I'm sick of everything
That you put me through
Just say this so I don't have to

I meant what I said
When I said it's over
There was no point
In starting over
Tear this all down
And burn what's left
I'll pick up the pieces

I'm through with this
And I'm leaving it behind

Audience audience
Please hold your applause
Save your roses for this actress
That we've all come to love
But don't you turn your back
She'll take all that you have
It's just her master plan
To ruin every boy that she can

New shades of honesty
Coax out your insecurities
And we all know you can't handle this

Start from scratch
Let me hit the ground running
Over and over I've said this before
Start from scratch
Let me hit the ground running
The past wont forget
So I'll make a run for it
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Good Grief Lyrics

Like You To Me – Good Grief Lyrics