I will always remember
How we stayed up so late
As we ended december
I fell in love
For the very first time
It happens just one time
You said it yourself
You said this yourself
Every single memory
Influences the melodies
I write to you
Just to keep my voice in your head

It's been cold out lately
And I'm through with waiting
To say everything
That I need to say
I've let these roads
Lead me so far from home
But now I'm by your side and
I can't sleep tonight

I'm always trying
To sweep you off your feet
I'd do anything
To keep you right here next to me
If I whispered those three words
Would you say them back to me
As this coast starts counting
Backwards from ten
Let's start this year with a kiss
I promise we need this

This is what true stories are made of
I never say this enough
I couldn't say this enough
You've become my everything
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I Can't Sleep Tonight Lyrics

Like You To Me – I Can't Sleep Tonight Lyrics