It's not like everyday that is passes me by
This is the only chance you might found
But you go to the place that dreams
When everything meant to be broken
It not the same to be
Answering your calls is a dream

You feel me in the covers
Do you see what I can do to believe
You were influsing by every word in your mind
Just when everyday won't be the same
Don't let this crazy dream flew away
This moment I can't let you go
I am just telling you why can't feel me now
So you can push away your damn stuff to do
There has all the dreaming you be
Everyday won't be the same

[Verse 2:]
Sometimes I care about you
It just a stupid trust to you
I am not scared when you say a swear
You know what can happen to me
Can you tell me for a forgivness to the truth
I know what you say but it killing me twice

[Verse 3:]
Maybe I do what just fine
Letting you go for a day again
You can't tell it just the way
You be promise to every word just said is fine
But you care for your love to see
I remember you fight in the night of midnight
Taking my life out of you
Twice as over and over again

Make my day special as it touch, But you were care for me to our lives, If
It's the one to survive our world, I can save it from you right now
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Everyday Won't Be The Same Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Everyday Won't Be The Same Lyrics