No one can't tell your little secret
But maybe they won't try to tell
If this a break up
That slip apart again
I try to fingure out
This is not a great idea to let your shinning
To let go of your hands
Maybe I look for my direction

When your fights turn to the inside out
That make a disppear distance
To make it out for nothing to loose from
The kids of your life
Doesn't seem it spread your rumors
It like everything is nothing catch of my destiny
The great of my life so like you
Maybe I care about you
We don't laugh and be a scary life
Won't be easy
Doesn't seem it spread your rumors

[Verse 2:]
Sometimes I just don't fingure out the who I am
This is a great mystery to solve
Maybe I be a little acting on top of the roof
This is not the life to care about
Just you and me we have no more life to turn
So scream my name

[Verse 3:]
I don't like to cry about it
When all the rumors feel so free
It make a bad thing to do
When your alone that nobody can't talk to you about what you did to me
You make a bad destiny of the world who gonna be
From the places where I don't sleep
But this is one little secret
But maybe they won't try to tell
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Spread Your Rumors Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Spread Your Rumors Lyrics