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Erase Of The Sun Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Erase Of The Sun Lyrics

Is this burning if I let it down
But your not gonna step up right now
Just what you might just see
Only a catching of a fire
But this isn't the rights to feel
You know all the electric can bring this down
Just when I see your smile

You know I just begun before
That sun came through the wall and dissapear
Because the erase of the sun came down so hard
That when you heard your name again
Just letting you go that will remember
I know what gonna be the next one right here
Finding the heart of the soul
So that is my life came down

[Verse 2:]
This time I got to go on my way
Maybe I find something clever before
Just go and see to your home
Not to close to find myself here
So you were compared for love
But isn't is to hard that you know for a long time
So everything won't come down to earth
That is may come sooner

[Verse 3:]
It just nothing in the mirror
Like there is your friend stuck in there
But trying to feel the spark of a angel
There is no beautiful faces
Gonna be your friend tonight
So just take my hand through the sun
Wanna know what to feel
I am going to erase of the sun for you
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