You matter all the hopes you got
I feel the spark in you
If I wonder the life of about
But you go til you walked away
Something was in your way
That won't change to me
If it goes away that I will catch it

Maybe I can known what else to do
Thinking of your dream
When we are apart that just you and me at night
You can feel the moment in your hands
That glow in the sky
You believen in the truth
Something was pulled in my way
You won't go that is just the feeling
The way you are here your with me
Maybe I know what they do
Pulling me close to
That was only the feel the moment in your hands

[Verse 2:]
Telling me that is the way you go
My opinion will change if it in you
That somebody go the felt your heart broken
I am just right here that I watching you go
So that won't trust to me again
That you were the one that loved
But don't go back for me

[Verse 3:]
Falling into pieces that you cry
They go but I need you here
Something isn't right that you are not in type
Might be the only one that can blame
That you go over and that is you
But if you think that you are a fool
You aren't the way is the feeling in my heart
You were against me of your problem
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Feel The Moment In Your Hands Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Feel The Moment In Your Hands Lyrics