I’ve made a mistake, I thought that I’d find
An angel that I could hold close for the rest of my life
But the longer I go without nothing at all
I’m starting to wonder if I wasn’t flying, but starting to fall

CHORUS: It’s easy to tell I’m not very lucky; I’m empty
And there’s not, not a thing that I could do
No reason to lie, I’m not very happy, with myself
So I’m moving on slowly but surely back to you

So I opened my eyes, to the fact that I know
I’d rather have someone than be forever alone
Even if you’re someone I can barely stand
At least I’m no longer stuck at night alone with my hand


I won’t lose my mind!
I won’t make you scared!
Even when you mess things up again I won’t care!
Because you are the best
Sadly, I’ll ever have
But I couldn’t tell you that
Because I know you’ll laugh
Don’t you dare laugh!

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Slowly But Surely Lyrics

Faded Red – Slowly But Surely Lyrics