You toe the windowsill, and I pull you back
When you say that you’re worthless it gives me a heart attack
I never wanted to be the only person in your life
You had the blade, now you’ve added the whole knife

CHORUS: So don’t make me say that I don’t care
Don’t make me fix your nightmares
There’s only so much I can do, before I’m hurting myself too
I can’t let myself become you
I think it’s time you met someone new
Because there’s only so much change I can make before I’m changing myself too

You know I care and so I cannot let you drown
I know I’m all that you’ve got so I can never let you down
I never wanted to see your darkest feelings deep inside
Your emotions ebbing and flowing with the tides


I never thought that I’d bear all of your burdens while I’m here
Now my life’s passing by, but I’m nailed down by your fears

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Pains And Changes Lyrics

Faded Red – Pains And Changes Lyrics