I am a neutral observer perched on a fence above
Detached from interactions, insults, friendships and love
Below me lies a pool of all their pent up thoughts
Words that give me nostalgia and a stomach knot

I cry out for some meaning, someone who I can hold
I’m haunted nightly by these dreams of me alone and old
But still I sit and wait for my time to come

Chorus: Sometimes it’s almost real before I falter and fold
Can’t defeat my brain
Spiraling crazy highs masking their fool’s gold
They’re burning the ground like acid rain
I can’t stop, I can’t think, and I’m letting it take me over
I’m liking it better when they’re sober

I am a tortured soul, a web of conflicting strands
The key to my best chance lies in my fidgety hands
Blessed circumstantially I watch the world unwind
From places safe and fun, so I’m a hypocrite I find


Someday real soon they’ll let me out
So I can now discover what it’s all about
I’ll sit and watch my soul get tossed aside
And even as I sleep I’ll look for places to hide

When can I break the ties of falling prisoner to her eyes?
When will my self-esteem help me become a woman’s dream?
When can I leave the fence? Begin my life, and make some sense?
My time has come to be the one who observes my own success

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The Observer Lyrics

Faded Red – The Observer Lyrics