I see the fire in your eyes behind the veil of crippling doubt
I’m standing watching and I wonder if you’re ever getting out
And I can’t leave here without you next to me
And I won’t go anywhere you’ll never be

CHORUS: And I swear this crazy world won’t tear our bonds apart
It’s clear I need you here to stay alive
And I swear no matter what may come tomorrow
I’ll stand with you until the end of time

You see the worry in my eyes and tell me that you’ll be okay
It’s clear that pushing you away was the worst mistake I ever made
You lay there, yet you’re the loveliest sight to see
If there’s a God he brought you back to me


CHANT: And I can’t change the things you say
So here we go, we’re on our way
(4 times)


And I swear… I’ll stand till the end

CHANT (3 times fading to a capella)
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Stand Till The End Lyrics

Faded Red – Stand Till The End Lyrics