I want to say to you so many things I’ve never said before
I hope that when I tell you these things they will open a new door
I may fall easy but I’m damn sure that you’re not like any other
And there may never be another

CHORUS: I’ll follow you anywhere
I’ll hold you when you’re scared
So don’t you worry about a thing
Don’t try to complicate
I’ll guide you every day
And don’t you worry, the place you go is the place I’ll stay

Tell me now what I can do to make you feel okay
Show me how I can use my time to minimize your pain
It isn’t easy to create a perfect place without a guideline
I can’t be watching from the sidelines


It’ll hurt for a while, hurt like hell for a thousand miles
And yet I welcome the wound
You will scream, you will cry, you will wish for me to die
But you’ll be thanking me soon
I’m out of touch; we’re out of time
And once again you’ve crossed the line
But there’s no one else that I can choose

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The Place I'll Stay Lyrics

Faded Red – The Place I'll Stay Lyrics