The moon is shining in the midnight sky
My right hand holds a glass of blood red wine
The music stopped as soon as we locked eyes
Across the bar I watch you smile at me
As you walk over your face is all I see
And when you’re in Bastille that’s how it should be

Mademoiselle, please take my hand, lead me into your world tonight
Because I’m a stranger to this place, so show me what it’s like

CHORUS: Because I’ve been waiting for someone to hold me tight
And when I saw you it seemed right
Because in the end, deep down, we’re all slaves to the night
And when you’re in Bastille, well that’s alright

You pull me close and whisper in my ear
I have to pinch myself to know you’re here
And once I’m in your arms I have no fear
We leave together but we’ve lost our way
I don’t know where we are, what time of day
But when you’re in Bastille, well that’s okay


Mademoiselle, I’m crazy for your beauty and mystique
And when you’re in Bastille there are no words you need to speak
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Bastille Lyrics

Faded Red – Bastille Lyrics