I’m getting jaded; this world is hopeless in my eyes
I fucking hate it; our hearts are buried under lies
But that’s how we made it; the pain is only going to rise

It started slowly, but now the impact’s coming fast
I’m already lonely, I’m always begging for the past
To come and save me from the shadows

CHORUS: I’m feeling just like I am trapped inside a cave
That life has knocked me out and dragged me to the grave
And there is no way out, no chance that I’ll be saved
Because this reality is what life gave

I tried to ignore it, pretend it wasn’t even here
I stood before it, begging it to disappear
Now it’s distorted my love for everyone that I hold dear

It takes an ocean to drown the sorrows that I have
Went through the motions, pretended that you made me laugh
I showed devotion but it shot me in the back

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Cave Lyrics

Faded Red – Cave Lyrics