Drowning my sorrows in tongue-tied detachment
Refusal to show what’s inside
Lowering standards to find cheap enjoyment
Each time I lost more of my pride
Grabbing red plastic I don’t even want
See the subject in his state of disarray

CHORUS: I can’t find my place, I’m lost in space
I’m begging you to rescue me from the blackness in my head
Steer me away from the path I’ve made
I need you here because I’ve got no answers left and I’m half dead

Killing desires and threatening dreams
I fall victim to vices from my past
I admit to you now, I’m much worse than I seem
I’m not sure how much longer I’ll last
Threatening childhood goals and ambitions
See the cancer on humanity I am


I’m my worst enemy, I know that’s cliché, but it’s true
I deserve nothing that I’ve had my whole life, or anything new
My mind’s a poison that’s crippling my body day by day
And without your guidance I’ll slowly wither away


Because I’ve got no answers left and I’m half dead
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In Space Lyrics

Faded Red – In Space Lyrics