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Brick Mansions Lyrics

Chuuwee – Brick Mansions Lyrics

I think this would be the closest thing to teardrops.. Shit sounds, exactly like pain

[Verse 1]
Hello bare Hell, goodbye Heaven
The false prophet, I burn like 9/11
In the nighttime fall
Pushed past the series 7 like
I never got to own no car
Gotta do better, this is
My open letter to the public of forgetters
Soul-searchin' through the rain, sleet
Snow, any weather, come down selector
I thrive to be high
Keeps me sane in my mind
You can smell it on my sweatshirt
How many cash cows can I milk in my network?
Or will I get the chance to really obtain a net-worth?
Can't go a day without wakin' feelin' pestered
I steady feel complacent can't execute my measures
And if I die now
Keep it real how I feel
I don't think i'd get a R.I.P Tweet nor a sweatshirt
Life is a bitch and i'm trying not to sweat her
Karma don't exist and i'm trying to forget her

[Verse 2]
For every dime i sold
And every lie I told
To every dime I told it, just know
That I was mentally focused, on a goal
But you always try to play you don't know this
And wonder why you can't be the one who was closest
All you ever wanna do is cuddle on the sofa
If I could make a move to bring you just a bit closer
The hustle isn't something anyone could approach
You must always remain dolo as to not fuck dough ugh
How do you make cheese when social status is king?
Publicist on the rage, but they ain't postin' a thing
I open up my heart with a pistol and let it sink
My bandcamp money was poppin' for 40-weeks
Now i'm, lonely as I started the departed
Who's only main focus was his money and his artistry
Friendships are highly overrated when i'm part of them
Rather be alone in the rain blunt sparkin this
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