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Reign (Long Live The King) Lyrics

Chuuwee – Reign (Long Live The King) Lyrics

I was in the challenger when I wrote this
So you can imagine how I must feel

[Verse one]
On this plane overlooking my city
Used to be pretty this bitch is sadity
When I get back, I bring her back if she with it get with me
Carry this ho up on my back if I gotta get gritty
Rain, rain, rain don't ever go away
We ain't showing no damn signs of ever slowin' mane
Had to cut a few dead limbs we call that growing pains
Music change people around you and make you go insane
I'm trying to not to lose it
Can't ever lose myself, I just gooogle, youtube it
Some bitch will text me with it, tell me my life is a movie
Send me a flick cause she wanna get close enough to bluetooth
I'm on the uprise like smoke in the moonroof
Brought me a smoke and a pancake, do what it do boo
I Wake n Bake and wake up in a random state of ransom state of mind
Give up the loot or else we'll crash the gates this time
Oh..oh oh oh oh oh oh
We aiming pistols at reality in hopes of hitting dreams
This is when black men become kings

[Verse 2]

Happy as glee
Slappin' this blee, the city is ours, get her back for a fee
I stay on my grind, I ain't rappin' for free
This shit weigh on my mind, we ain't trappin' to please
We ain't clappin' and squeezing cause it's actually easy
We just happen to be some gangstas, capital G
Getting Capital CH, that'll be cheese
Niggas yapping at C, come up fractured and bleed
Watching My throne, the grass green on the knoll
With a scope and an O of them hash green Continue Accumulating
Steady Hustlin', Currency rules everything around me, C.A.S.H C.R.E.A.M
Let your mind develop a minute...
I bet you they still didn't get it
This is why I deserve king, the sickest with sentence
We aiming pistols at reality in hopes of hitting dreams
This is when black men become kings

[Verse 3]

Just let me write it down, firefighter sound I'm hot
Bitch I'm the lighter now
Covered in fumes I struck finna ignite it now
Gold rush, westcoast style, that 49er sound
Flow like the raiders before the bayers was greater I'm over they heads
Scramble they minds they need a bayer for it
Toss em this aspirin ass kickings I'm laying on em
Free at charge, 16 bars throw me on fader forum
You niggas Tracy no Chapman and I ain't laughing
I've been way to busy trappin' and stackin'
Trying to be J.P Morgan
My momma anxious to move need me to pay the mortgage
Papa need a break, he been hustlin' since the 80s for us
Open this window, I know they feeling my rain is pouring
A fresh breath to these labels, Homie the game's boring
This much see TV, I hope you paying for it
Cable cords, Tune in bitches I'm about to make some noise

Oh... oh oh oh oh oh
We aiming pistols at reality in hopes of hitting dreams
This is when black men become kings
I like the way that shit sound over here
We squeezing automatics at reality in hopes of hitting dreams
Since when did a black man become king
Right now
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