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Your Soul In E Minor Lyrics

Chuuwee – Your Soul In E Minor Lyrics

You know what it is
Some 90's shit
Whatever year you want to put it in

[Verse 1]
Yo called up my partner
To grab some ganja
The marijuana
If you know me by now bitch im a stoner
From the south side of Sacramento
California where they run up on you with that lama
Trippin off that molly water
John carter couldn't make it in the city full of ???
Whats harder is the blood is almost thinner than the water
So I love my mom and father
And thank god im 22
When i can still lay foundations before i have a daughter
I was watching television when the newsman said they caught her
Lady used her foodstamps for ipads
Shawty tried to make a dash, got denied for the cash
The way they advertise shit it kinda made me laugh
But then it made me mad
The way they got my people looking bad
The way my people stupid as an ass
That nigga Tyler Perry make a movie out of it
And he just keep all the cash
Now the families on blast

Sometimes I'd like to know how it feels to sell my soul
One goal of mine is to play at a sold out show
So i just want to know
One day I'd like to know what its like to sell your soul
Or sell out and trade who you are for a bunch of dough

[Verse 2]
How many rappers really spit about the shit they wanna say
Or do they pencil down whatever
Just so they can make some pay
Do they listen to they fans
When they think the shit is gay
Do they even give a fuck
Or is it just another day
Sometimes i wanna change the world
I wanna change the game
Sometimes i feel like fuck the music
I just want the rich and fame
And other days i feel like
People need someone to say it
And i feel like maybe i can be the one to make a change
But im dreaming, niggas be scheming
They think im holding quarter millions
Active pavilions
Niggas be illin
I ain't spillin
This ice grillin
Grown motherfuckers that like children
Sometimes i wish i had a knife to kill them
Trying to be Jay Z
Playing on a million
Niggas be lying, stealing,tryna make a living
Or a modest killing
I think there used to be a honor system
But all the real niggas done gone to prison
Fake ones was mobbin with them

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