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Hustleman Lyrics

Chuuwee – Hustleman Lyrics


[Verse 1]
I got O's for the low low
In the tires of my low pro's
I slang weed and cheva, like Freeway Ricky
But no cocain, oh and me know no sane boy
Cause my fo' fo' bang and this volvo
Cause the po po is on to my game, dang
Somebody called me for a pair of pounds
Met him in the alley downtown
I had to stare him down
My nigga Vany get them thangs out to Atlanta now
Hands down we gotta be the cartel, I'll tell you how
Peep game, we control the pacific
If you be burning purple, you prolly smoking my shipment
Hit me on my twitter, let me know if it's legit
And you might catch me with a pack
But nothing lower than a zip, cause I be lit
Literally, higher than a bitch
She only smoke it on a occasion
She be prying through my zips
I be driving, she be rolling
Put the fire to her lips
Now I'm busting on my way to go supply another nick..

[Hook x2]
(Cause) I got kilos and o-z's
I'm Nino, lo key
And if you wit the feds
You don't know me
We don't speak
I'm 2-1, OG
Who want it?, who need it?
Got L-b's for 2-3 and indo for fooji

[Verse 2]
Indo by L-B, outdo by H.P
All over the crib bitch, I touch pass like H.P
I'm H-B--K on these niggas, oh no when ?
Loud in my backseat and a latina from 8th street
Packaging, emasculate, I'm mailing off the packages
A thou-wow for the shipping and I'm sending this to Africa
Package up, nigga get your status up
Wherever you performing, go ahead my nigga ask for us
I'm 2-1 and OG, Drug trafficking, low key
Outdo for like 16, indo load is 2-3
Purple haze is stupid cheap, apply method's a truancy
I sent it almost 2 weeks, almost lost it in Jersey
Got that afghan from Afghan, and stand next to Turkey
With a bag like a turkey, chewing on a beef jerky
Got flavors like a Slurpee, got hardball like Kirby
You trick niggas you hurt me, Mickey D's now serving


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