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PC<3 (Computer Love) Lyrics

Chuuwee – PC<3 (Computer Love) Lyrics

You know I've been searching for someone
To share that special love with me
(You are my computer love)

[Verse 1: Chuuwee]
Man she on my location updates like where's Waldo?
I posted six pics, she liked all those
Old numbers in my info, she called those
All those smiley faces all on my wallpost
Y'all know I'm barely on it like that
She messages for nightcaps, why she on me like that?
Her pics say it all, leave little to imagine
So now gon' tell me why you on me like that, K
She tryna get my attention, she might hit me, say
"Hey, Chuuwee, do you got a whip? Come get me baby
Feel like they entitled to something, they might miss me
They often wanna fight me and diss me but fuck who be they?
Stay, roll blunts and stunt if we may
That's all my niggas wanna do in every different way
Aye, hit me later if you in the Bay
Tumblr the address, it's only one click away

[Hook 2x: Chuuwee]
She be at me on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace
Tweet my location and she gon' be at my place
LinkedIn, Tumblr, I don't wanna fuck with her
Tryna get me to hump with her, my homie just dumped her on

[Verse 2: Phoenix Pagliacci]
Social media got big booty booty booty rocking everywhere
For a compliment these bitches PhotoShopping everywhere
Got all of her information up, they stalking everywhere
Bottom line: sex sells, you can cop it everywhere
And I ain't talking Playboy Vintage fam
I'm talking ass all out in the Instagram
I'm talking 20,000 followers, not saying a damn
Got a Facebook group with a bunch of stans
Never missed a Titty Tuesday a day in her life
And them the kind of chicks these niggas killing to wife
He looks good in his profile, but what do you know?
Nigga took that pic 20 years ago
So just, stop with the DMs, we ain't never gon' be friends
Not even if Zuckerburg payed me to poke him on weekends
Best believe that the thirst is real
Like D'Angelo's video for "How Does It Feel"


[Verse 3: Chuuwee]
I ain't used that motherfucker in, like, 3209 days
Went to delete it, stumbled on my fan's MySpace
This bitch was fine man, I swear she goes 5 ways
A bunch of nasty shit her timeline say
How she wanna do it in the shower 5 times a day
Okay, okay, I know she already been with Jermaine
Tory Jermaine, Lil' Larry and Gucci Manne
She got a thang for a brother, wanna put it on me
I got a pass cause her coochie look like freaking Tony
Fresh to death, them hoes say I got rigamortus
Tweeted me saying "We should kick it", bitch this isn't Florence
Her messages are consistently boring
Either getting blowing or get fucking going, shawty it was nice you knowing
They say you blew up, grew up, and turned into the covers
Unlove the Skype, you laid the pipe, you caught in the moment

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