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Tha What!? Lyrics

Chuuwee – Tha What!? Lyrics

I C-H-U-U-W-E-E L-O-V-E to E-M-C-E-E
Get L-O-V-E just to R-O-C-K the M-I-C
How you figga?
You read to go pound for pound
With this nigga?
I'm layin niggas down with pounds
Like 1-2 and you don't stop
Mic check 1-2 you don't stop

[Verse 1]
Here I am Here I am like Sam I Am
I like my cheese and my greens don't do eggs nor SPAM
I broke the levee with my pencil now I'm flowing a dam
I give a fuck for how you feel nigga
I keeps it real, best to chill nigga
Cause you don't want to see it spill
On the bumper and the grill
In front of the bar & grill
Quick with the lethal way of spitting and it will kill
One blow from the champion you'll know how pavement feels
Still I proceed to tell niggas indeed
It is me! The fucking human rap machine
I'm after C.R.E.A.M. it's destroying everything around me
And still it seems
They don't see I'm one profound MC
You human beings got me fucked up
I'm coming from higher up-up
Been shitting on niggas since '01
Like a junk yard and a dump truck
What the fuck's up?
When we step in niggas get fucked up
What you niggas really want to do with your guns stuck?


"As for the excellent porcelain astrolabe - ast... -Abe, there's an 'e' in there, astrolAbe - which miraculously arrived in precise working condition after its perilous journey 'round the tit - uh, tiP, oh dear that's a 'p,' heh..."
'I set it up directly, having once aligned it upon the celestian doggy, the sights aroused me, and I was seized by a'
"Transport of scientific rapture! And whilst a happy prisoner of this unhappy state..."
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