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Conscious Lyrics

Chuuwee – Conscious Lyrics

I woke up this early morning
Said I gotta get up
Man it's time to get it goin
Don't lie down and give up

I was solely on my own nobody bigging me up
Found a conscious state of mind that just keep lifting me up

Money come and money go and we be spending it up
Broken pockets rich in soul I'm out here living it up

They don't never show no love nobody givin it up
All I know is what I'm told and y'all ain't jiggy as us

Verse 1:
It's all about cake it's all about faith
It's all about patience longer you wait

The more you get paid the more you vacation
Traveling the globe at not just the nation

It's becomes fun tho it's occupation
Wake up in the morning waiting for the day shift

Every chance you missed you retake em
Waking up blazing go to sleep faded

This is the life the way that you made it
Everything platinum and titanited

Fuck all that jaded shit it's so played
Finalizing bags skating on blades

Laying in the shade them niggas keep throwing
Bought a new crib you ain't even know it

Dipping dirty money in the bath soap
We making bank trips just to be a poet

Chief Keef how a nigga steady glowing
Beep Beep who that pull up in the stolen

Stuck In my ways I only know my knowings
Bear the fruits of labor fruits for my loins

Nigga lord knowles I be like solange
Quick to catch the fade quick to drop a bomb

Rollie on the arm hella free time
Homie I ain't never seen you on a grind


Verse 2:
Hey. Just in case you ain't noticed
I ain't comin thru no more I'm too focused

In that old ford with the 4 doors
Gotta trade up 911 Porsche

Fucked my money up but Ima get some more
Tryna keep the reup comin every 4th

Shattered every window kicked In every door
Kuz opportunity ain't knocking any more

You gotta go and get it who gone get it for you
Ain't nobody generous and they ain't loyal

Other people's problems I cannot afford
They ain't show love I do not adore

I cannot control the way that they was born
Mental note to self these niggas living wrong

Wake up to the sun it's good to see the morning
See another day to tell another story
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