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I'm Goin' To Thailand Soon Lyrics

Chris Crack – I'm Goin' To Thailand Soon Lyrics

Hope we get to sell out all the seats like I was dreaming
I ain’t seen it, what’s the meaning, they was scheming
Had to bring my gun to work Gilbert Arenas
It was tucked right by my penis
Being pressed over a nigga, that’s just self-harm
Bitch you bad baby, when you feel you being slept on
Man, this ain’t the best part, nah this ain’t the best part

I’m terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied by you
They can’t even find the juice, let me through
I’m with the crew, me and Cutta in the coup
We had the suits, nigga soup, I got the cooler
I ain’t fooling with these losers
They don’t stop being a good person after niggas hurt you
It ain’t worth it, it ain’t worth it man

Now we up in first class, swooping on you poopers
Sitting right next to this cougar, she was digging me
Fifteen-thousand on me pinky, I ain’t even steal a kiss
Put her number in my phone, told her ‘bout my sentiments
Hipped it to this penmanship, bitch I was killing it
So let me know if you gon’ have my back
Have some fun with that
And I had ‘em out there working, pumping packs
Son of man, ask about me nigga, I was running that
And I got my gun in here, nigga
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