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New Dick, Who Dis? Lyrics

Chris Crack – New Dick, Who Dis? Lyrics

Quit nagging, it’s a new day
Watch got a new face
Snake skin with my shoe lace

Got up at 6AM, she said don’t go
I’m out of weed and it was time to smoke
I got the neck a couple milage strokes
I’m by my lonely, never needed hope
Finessed your girl because she kinda slow
Block his number and enjoy your summer
Don’t let it cloud you up
Girls with good pussy piss loud as fuck, what?
Shit it ain’t no shock, just Birkenstock and polo socks
Hair was slicked back, you thought I permed it out
And I keep the tec in the duffle
She ordered prosciutto on a pizza with truffles
Across the pine, let them rings in the huddle
I’m on the shuffle liking merch on they purses
We in the bank smoking stank, he saying you changed
She said you changed, she saying you changed
She saying you changed
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