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White Van Lyrics

Chris Crack – White Van Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Look, don’t run when that white van pull up
Look, all my people been a victim to the guns n’ roses
No staples we was chosen by the ones that wrote it
Nova scotia where I’m posted
Nig 50 on me
Rub my back down with lotion, got the trapper potion
Flipping shit, back was counting stacks, package opens
Can you buy that, a classic
Cooler than Jimi Hendrix on acid
Ceremony mastered
I plastered this face on the concrete
Nobody was asking your opinion
Just mention my name on twitter
Snakes slither through the grass
I live at the top floor
I cop more
Work to keep my team straight
Mean face, cheese cake factory, is where I met your bitch
I had the pack with me
Vans on, Fuck the faculty
B cut your ear like a fucking van Gough master piece
Wave god in the tennis, bitch why you asking me
(Hey it happens G, it happens)
(C’mon man what the fuck man)

[Verse 2]

Yeah, look, look
Don’t let it
I got more lettuce
And more cheddar
Can’t let them niggas ketchup
Ten steps ahead of
These pussies with a yeast infection
Nigga get your bread up
We could take the world back, them people won't let us
I’m fed up
Behind enemy lines, keep your head up
I ain’t trying to get wet up
You can meet me back on the beach street
Got that type of pht pht pht that’ll heat seek
I’m on ‘shrooms in the sky box, you in cheap seats
Ill be damned if I let these fuck niggas beat me
Wigwam a teepee, and two tents I do this
New shit, like DJ Crew I’m so ruthless
‘94 bone thugs n’ harmony
Alarming me
Oh, you got some Adderall, damn I need 4 of these
Now I got some whores with me
Korean and she Portuguese
Never knew George Lucas but I got the force with me
Sorcery and witchcraft
Remember they was dispatched
I should probably get back to regular scheduled program…
(Bitch, Free Swag, New Deal, out!)
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