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CUTS Lyrics

Chris Crack – CUTS Lyrics


They wonder why Im furious
Stop playing with me man
Lets do it
Cutta what up


You making me mad, you angered my chick
I’m back on my job, you worried as shit
Hurry up bitch
Out with my count
Before I go in your mouth
Don’t be falling in love for these tricks
And I’m sick of this fuckery
Touching me is never an option
Adopting my mantra
My conscious is telling me blow this bitch up
It’s a little bit of liquor, a whole lot of drugs
Piece of the pie, that’s what I want cheesy beef and some fries
Windows are tinted can’t see me inside
Definitely that guy
Tree in the ride
Bullying rappers wish they was my side
Push them around, smacking they necks
Looking back at it, it’s a waste of my time
Seeing, then smelling and tasting these signs
(put your hands on the fucking car sir)
Damn man, this cocaine ain't mine
I’m holding and folding my hands
He said his son liking my music
Its cool and just slow down with the drugs
I’m showing him love, roll me a dub
We back in the club, cracking the flowers you think she don’t swallow
She told me she model in college
And all about a dollar
Probably fresher than all of you pimps
Shots of the Jamo
Acid and ‘shrooms
Bouncing off walls, don’t come in my room
Soon to be the most dominant nigga
Happen to be the most prominent nigga
Capital murder
Need guns for this nigga

[Outro] X2

They wonder why I’m furious
Told them niggas don’t come around here
That cat killed them cause they curious
I told them they’ll need a gun around here
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