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High Priced 'Lo Life Lyrics

Chris Crack – High Priced 'Lo Life Lyrics

Drunk driving and police behind us, flying
Down [?] the I-90, couldn’t make it out at the time
Dying is not an option, I promise
Pockets Rosanne and like Dan Connor
Johnson Johnson, her ass fat so I fondled it
Gauge your eyes out, did you hear me sonically
Fuck your mitigation, ain’t no friends in this shit
That’s a deadly statement, I pissing greatness
Seems like they hate you more when you ain’t imitations
Separate four-fourteen jams, that’s my local station
And I hope they anxious, don’t stop me
She told me hit ‘em with that stove top flow
Bored now, I calling up my old boppers
No horse power like old jockeys, so cocky
Incisions in your cantaloupe, I ain’t no doctor
I know the stick up guys, now I’m stunting in my pin-up tie
Live, nah I ain’t ate, slept the bin outside
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