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Goals Only Exist In Soccer Lyrics

Chris Crack – Goals Only Exist In Soccer Lyrics

Why the fuck you so hotheaded, I told you
I had a girlfriend, I told you, yeah
Still went around on the back end
Shawty had my going on the cat scan
Tried to save some for the last dance
Wait girl, give me lap dance
Your ass look fat in them track pants
I don’t want to see you til the sack laying
I’mma do it bigger than the shack hand that hand
What you wanna smoke with me
Took her on the spot where the folks would be
Move a little dope to the coast for me
Now we picking lamps and the poster
Exposed to be, move close to me
I know how this love thing works
I ain’t come from no bitch
I’mma always be a flirt, if you can’t get with it
Then please disperse from me
Gold chains, no shirt, I don’t work out
Turn right, pull over at the first house
Hit plays all week, money burst out
Fucked one of the homies, that’s the worst foul
But my dick worth double and a half
I don’t even love ‘em when they spazzed out
Just smoked out in the glass house
Kick back with my feet on the black couch
Her stay was extended, claiming she stay
With some friends and they relatives
Like she was telling him, not like a felony
Penalties, that don’t mean go and get record
And that you gon’ tell it
Don’t try to embellish, you trying to get fed
While I’m teaching these lessons
Making the better me, don’t need amphetamines
Boss of the treasury, they ain’t gon’ let me
Ahead of ‘em, I ain’t gon’ let up, this shit is a set up
I’m fed up, fuck ‘em
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