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They Killed Dr. Sebi Lyrics

Chris Crack – They Killed Dr. Sebi Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sulaiman]
Hey yo I used to smack Harold’s with Antoinette
Up out the bleachers out in Kenwood Park
Rolling the bottle got the teachers just said what
Modern thesis for my hometown kid
You had rebuttal, had me speechless
Had me going off script
Now I get love from the blood and the crip
Respect the grip and the flip of the ratchet
I got attached to specific attachments
I might be last when the pivot’ll blast it
Taking the high ground, cause Princess Peach
Needed a pipe down, why your man out
Here dying behind the live sound
And living like a deadbeat
Fresh crease upon the bedsheets
I pushed her torso and legs sweep, concurrently
Get the piece I deserved and
Be eternally serving me
I’m the back of the absurdity
Your trying to bury me, what a joke
Balloons and buffoons, so I’m the pope
Gift it to ‘em another quote, let’s hope
They pick it up, I push the process enough
My power penny or plus, who want what

[Verse 2: Vic Spencer]
Counting my blessings instead of problems
Lay in a bed that belongs to female robbers
All of [?] is gone, now she make the wood
Swoler than Sylvester Stallone
The booby rappers, the nudy rappers
Taking they shirt off, gallops at the meeting
For hal, getting my work off
My search engine and different from the
Search engine light, niggas know that I’m bright
Mobile’s the rapper’s delight, slapping the mic
Fracture of life, the rare moments
Showed up at the event with twelve Romans
Big lamping’s in this wax off
She’s was bogus, I needed to focus
I squeezed and I sleeped with roached
I’m trying to add more than times ten to my ends
My beginnings making mens want my past
While I’m sipping grass, little young hoe
Tried to play me, I moved around, plus blue pound
Get a best friend and a coup with the sounds
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