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Eternal Greed Lyrics

Black Smurf – Eternal Greed Lyrics

[Verse 1: Black Smurf]
World full of money got me plotting in my head
With that scale in my lap
Watch the mirror for the feds
Nigga owe me some money
So i'm posted like a g
But when this light turn green
Imma fucking unleash
See me hop up out the car
Now he trying run the story
Ain't trying to hear all that
Where that cash you got for me
Face sweating, Hands shaking
Cause he know he bout to short me
Imma have to off this nigga in a second
And I know it
Police pulled up on the curb
I ain't even fucking notice
Made me lay up on the car
But I ain't have shit on me
Made me let him search the car
But he ain't find a scale in it
Just a normal day in memphis
Trying to dodge a jail sentence
I'ma ball like the Pistons
Cause i'm the nigga did I mention
That them bitches that you kissing
Ain't as faithful as predicted
You a hoe ass with a nigga
You can't get lit with me
If you ain't about getting cash fam
Man you can't eat with me
My grind to complicated for your mind to figure out
Seduce you with my bitch
I have her snoop around your house
Then she text me the 411
Hop in the whip we in and out
We be taking everything
While you're kissing on the mouth
Wake up to an empty house
You won't even know shit
It ain't me but this weed that makes me ferocious
Try to play that hero man
Just know them pistols loaded
Find a slug in your brain floating in the ocean

In them diamonds and the jewels you can bury me
Now my name hot she say she wanna marry me
Keep your fame and your money please just bury me
Hate this fucking world i'm trying to live eternity
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