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Visions Clearing Up Lyrics

Black Smurf – Visions Clearing Up Lyrics

I done seen so much
Seen people switch up for the fuck of it
Seen people change up for their loved ones
Shit fucked up, [?] fucked up
Yeah you running out of time, boy, your lucks up
9 times outta 10 I don’t trust ya
Bet 10 outta 10 you a fuck boy
I can tell right now
I’m so high right now
I don’t do handouts, I’mma grind for it
I’m a real Memphis nigga, not a clout boy
I remember moving bars out the house, boy
Now I’m smoking ounces in the house
Got the bitch on my couch, trynna figure a nigga out more
She like “Damn why you gotta be so cold?”
So the bitch called me Hustle God Frozone
Take her stuff [?] ozone
[?] got a nigga like
Go. Go
Flowing on away like a rowboat
In a minute it could be your time
Hold on. Want it
Now I’m in slow mo
Got a bitch, but you can fuck my bro though
So unique, I should charge for my photo
Black Smurf got the game in a chokehold
Walk around like I’m stuck in limbo
Shining hard like a jet, cut a blimp off
Why do people act like I never been broke
Just my thoughts from the back of the limo
Bumped it by yourself while your friends gone
Let it play in your head like a ringtone
Putting money over models, nigga. Bingo
I ain’t worried bout shit but the zeros
Black Smurf just a pound of that heron
Switch the sets, had a bitch like please

Don't, Don't, Please
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