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Almost Relapsed Lyrics

Black Smurf – Almost Relapsed Lyrics

Fuck it man just leave the past in the past
I got money to stash
Got niggas to piss off (?) over a bag
But problem when it come to that bag
I'm up in the (?)
I could give a fuck if ya mad I promise you that
I been (?) fuck with ya head
Reality is
Reality's dead
Now you scared of the man in the mirror
But tell me this
How could you scare a man with no fears
A man with no tears falling down
My heart disappeared needs some repair
Watch as she stare she wanna come with
I can't even see her
I'm walking round like the fuck is the world I must admit
Feel like they just put a crown with some thorns right on my head
Tell em' (?)
Life is just lessons preparing for death
Life is a test tell you what's best with how you react
Or else they see me audible splat find you on your back
For the (?) for respect put my boot on ya neck
Most of you need a reality check
I'm just sayin'
Most of you niggas ain't even legit
I'm just sayin'
Most of you niggas ain't trying to get rich
But yet I'm walking round like I own the key to this bitch
And if he make the wrong move (?) and I dip
But baby girl you better move on before you piss on my (?)

And putting a dick in ya shit
I can't control this shit
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